SLS130 – Linear Displacement Sensor

SLS130 – Linear Displacement Sensor


The SLS130 is a range of linear displacement sensors designed to provide maximum performance benefits within an extremely compact, lightweight package in stroke lengths from 25 to 200 mm.

  • Short body to stroke length
  • Sealing to IP66 and corrosion-resistant rod-end bearings
  • Cable assembly integrally moulded
  • Significantly reduced weight
  • A preferred range of configurations are available from stock in the UK
  • CE approved
  • Interchangeable with Penny & Giles HLP129 linear potentiometers

Using the proven benefits of Hybrid Track Technology and including a number of unique design features, the SLS130 displacement sensor is ideally suited to high volume OEM manufacturers, where high performance and reliability with competitive pricing and rapid despatch has paramount importance.

Hybrid track

The hybrid track comprises a high resistivity conductive plastic film bonded to a precision wire-wound element. The conductive plastic film is wiped by a precious metal contact. The technology provides infinite resolution and a very long life (since the majority of the current still flows in the wire, the carbon content of the conductive plastic film is low, and the film is therefore very hard). Track linearity is very good, temperature coefficient of resistance is low and predictable and resistance stability with change in humidity is excellent.


  • Compact shaft: Compact shaft will reduce dimension D by 25 mm
  • Integral shaft seal – IP 66: Designed to accept integral shaft seal to give IP66 rating
  • Extended cable length: 10m output cable can be specified
  • Mounting: Body clamp, flange or quick release balljoint mounting kits can be supplied
  • Protective sleeve: For all stroke lengths – self aligning bearings only. See ordering code
  • Spring loaded shaft kit: For stroke lengths 25 to 150mm with /L shaft option and /50 sealing option only

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